Monday, August 8, 2011

Three Little Words: “There’s a HEART!”

My favorite job in the world (in addition to being a mom and wife, of course) that pays only in sheer joy is the work I do with BrokenHearts of Florida

I love my heart families. No, I don’t think you get it: I love my heart families. They may or may not know it, but I would do anything I humanly could for any of them. I worry about them, pray for them, cheer when they hit milestones, cry when things go wrong, and rejoice in the miracles that they all are. I love. my. heart. families.

I especially love days like today, when I hear those three precious words. Even after three years, I never get tired of hearing them … “There’s a heart!” My own heart jumps and I get goose bumps. Because someone I adore is about to start a new life with a new heart.

I stop immediately and pray – for the person receiving the heart and for their family; for the family who made the difficult but incredibly generous decision to donate their loved ones’ organs; and for the team of physicians, nurses, social workers and other transplant-team members who, on a moment’s notice, step into action to make the transplant possible, to make it happen like clockwork.

I’ve been blessed to hear those three little words for Jori, Mykala, Cat, Timmy, Wyatt, Ramsey. I long to hear those words for Rachel, Chloe and Carmen.

Today, though, right now, I rejoice. Today, there’s a heart! There is a heart for Emily. Tomorrow, Emily starts a new life with her new heart.

Rejoice evermore. – 1 Thessalonians 5:1
Emily receives her gift of life tonight, a new heart.