Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, phenomenal mother! 

Before I tell you a totally cool story about her early career days, let me tell you why she's my wonderful, phenomenal mother: Because she was there. Always. And she still is. Not just for us kids, but our kids, too. 

She was and is a great role model in every way. I wrote about that in "Who's Your Role Model." And this is where I pick up on the career tale ...

So. The story. My mother was one of the first two women in the Leon County Schools to serve as an elementary education administrator. Mom served as an assistant principal in several Leon County elementary schools, including Oak Ridge.

It was all going swimmingly until she and her colleague learned that their male counterparts were making a lot more money than they made! So, the two women confronted the superintendent of schools about equal pay. (Go, Mom!) The conversation went something like this:
The superintendent said, "Well, you don't make as much because I figure you wouldn't be doing the same kinds of things the men would do." (Remember, this would have been in the late 60s.)

My mom replied: "What assignments wouldn't we do? Are you aware that on one occasion I escorted a sheriff's deputy to a classroom so he could take a 5th grader into custody?" 
Did I say, "Go, Mom!" yet? Oh, it gets better!
My mother continued: "And are you aware that one of our students was crossing campus with a pistol in his hand and intending to shoot one of our teachers? I stopped him and confiscated his gun, a .38. Now, what is it that we wouldn't do?"
Whoa! That's my mother!

You rocked it then and you rock it now!

Happy Birthday, Mom!